Google Assistant now has a ‘Search this screen’ button on Android: How it helps

Google Assistant has replaced “Whats On My Screen?” Some Pixel users are now calling “Search this Screen” a Lens-branded shortcut.

The existing Lens button is not displayed every time Google Assistant invokes.

Reddit user with Pixel 6 Pro stated that the “what’s in my screen?” message was displayed sometime after “what is on my screen?” Google removed the “What’s on my screen” notification and added a “Lens” button to the Assistant pop-up. However, it was not always available and depended on context.

It is available in Chrome and Twitter, along with “Read,” but it is not always available in third-party apps.

Assistant now has a “Search this Screen” button.

Tapping should capture your current screen and allow you to access the Translate. Text, Search. Homework. Shopping. Places. Dining filters. Reports 9to5Google.

The “Search this Screen” button opens Lens. It “gives all the Lens options so that you don’t need to go through the hassle of taking screenshots and Lens-ing it.”

Although the new Lens screen search button is not yet available for everyone, it can be viewed on

Google could soon roll out the replacement to all Android users to increase Lens usage.

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